Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Obeying God

Every time I get ready to right for my (it is really God's) blog God lets me know what I should write about but He hasn't this time. Since He hasn't given me anything I guess I will just write a few things about my self.

I love the Lord with all of my heart and I want to do what He wants me to do. Even though I want to do what He wants me to I sometimes will have a really serious talk with Him. I know whatever it is He wants me to do is best but I am a shy person and I do not like to step out when there are people involved.

One of the instances is when Dave started talking about going into the prisons for Bible Studies. I thought he had actually lost his mind. Well, the Lord started talking to me about the same thing. I really had some conversations with Him. Guess who won. It wasn't me.
We started going in the prison with another Christian couple who had been doing this for a really long time. They were wonderful people and they gave us lots of tips for doing the Bible Studies. We went in with them for a little over a year.

Then I had a chance to go into the Federal Prison for women. Everyone warned me that the women could really be mean and their mouth would speak things that I probably shouldn't be hearing but I didn't listen. What a wonderful experience I had. The women were awesome and they were so eager to learn and ask questions. When they had a problem they would actually come to me.

Each one was in prison for different reasons. Most of the reasons was for some type of drugs or robbery. Each had a different personality but they were still precious people.

With these precious women there wasn't anything that I wouldn't have told them. They were the kind that would have kept secret anything I told them. They loved to be asked to pray for others. They needed to feel needed.

One night when I went in for Bible Study they started talking about making drugs. I immediately told them that we should talk about something else as I didn't want to know anything about making drugs. They got a really big kick out of this and laughed about it and they proceeded to tease me. I knew it was all in fun. They never really told me how to make drugs, I am certainly glad.

I made arrangements for Jenifer, author of Sweet Blessings to go in to give a special talk with the girls. The women in prison were so excited. When they met Jenifer they thought she was so beautiful and wonderful. I believe she talked about doing things with their families. Jenifer really made an impression on the women and they asked about her every week when I went in.

Finally Dave decided to go in with me after I talked until I was blue in the face. He enjoyed going in as much as I did. The women simple loved him as he is quite the teaser and they really enjoyed this.

The women were loving people and they missed their families very much but they knew they had done wrong and had to pay the price for doing wrong.

I have kept in contact with a few of the women. Some of them are out now but there is still some that are in prison.

To get back to going in with Dave. The prison we went into weekly was a minimum unit. We went in to the max and medium units but that was on just special occasions. The guys were really great. Yes, they had done wrong, broken the law and the biggest part of them would admit they were where they should be. We met some guys that were special prayer warriors and I mean when they got a prayer request they would pray until they got an answer to the prayer.

These guys were considerate, polite, helpful, and wanted to learn. Most of them already knew a lot about the Bible. We discussed this at different times. Some of the guys would say they knew what the Bible said but didn't really apply what they knew and that was why they were in prison. We discussed about the ones (not just the ones in prison but others) that would miss heaven by eighteen inches. They had the Bible in their head but didn't have it in their heart. All of us agreed this was a sad situation but at times there isn't anything anyone can do about it. We have kept up with several of the guys that have gotten out of prison. It is nice to keep in contact with them.

There are several that have since passed and I pray that we will see them in heaven. One man was to be released from prison but he passed because of a heart attack while still in prison. He was an elderly man and he was so excited to be going home. Another young man passed due to an overdose of drugs, his sister found him in a house he had just bought. Then there was the one that was shot. He had gone to work at the same place but in a different department that Dave was working.

I am so glad I lost the battle with the Lord and Dave. Going into the prisons is something I will always cherish. It was an experience that has so many memories.

Matthew 25:36; "Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me". Had I not gone in when the Lord started talking to me I would have missed out on doing something for Him. It wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't listened to Dave but he had God on his side. Dave had already said 'yes' to God. Dave was ready but I had to be convinced. Like I said, I am so glad I listened. Dave and I were really blessed and our lives were touched by these wonderful people.

Well, the Lord did give me something to write about, I just didn't realize it when I first started writing.  I should have known He would not let me down as He never has.  I hope you have enjoyed reading about one of my experiences.

Thank you for stopping by and may you know the peace of the Lord. Blessings!


Jenifer said...

Great post. I know how much you guys enjoyed going. I enjoyed the time I went. I was pretty nervous but had a great time. The women were wonderful. Thank you for letting me experience that.

Debi said...

I know it is a difficult ministry to do. I know it takes a special person to be able to do it. You and Dad are those special people. Prison ministry is a vital need in this world we live in. Too bad we aren't able to reach these people before they go behind the bars!

I am glad that Jenifer was able to go with you that time. I was worried sick about her going, but in the end, God was glorified!