Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Is The Fire Going Out

How many of us are "lukewarm Christians"? I don't want to be, I want to be on fire for the Lord. It says in the dictionary that lukewarm is: 1. barely warm; moderately warm; said of liquids. 2. lacking warmth of feeling or enthusiasm.

Revelation 3:16; "So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew thee out of my mouth". I know Jesus said this to the church of Laodicea but this applies to us today.

Are we working for the Lord as much as we can? Are we telling everyone about the Lord, about God's love, about God's blessings, about His healings, about His help, and how He wants all of us to have a home in heaven with Him?

There are so many things we can do to 'promote' the Lord. Of course there are so many things we can do that brings dishonor to Him. Which of these two do we want to do?

Being lukewarm is one that compromises things with the world. These people say they are Christian but in reality are spiritually despicable and miserable. They are more interested in the worldly things than being interested in doing for the Lord. They may be going to Sunday School and church but they have come to love what the world offers. Because their friends don't particularly believe what God's Word says they think it is okay. They will go along with their friend instead of showing them where they are wrong.

The following are some things I feel show a person is leaning more towards the worldly aspects of life than wanting to help God so are becoming lukewarm. These are just my thoughts and you may not go along with them, that is up to you.

Did you ever stop to think about the things we could do to dishonor Him? Some things are so small that we think it couldn't hurt anyone. For instance, if someone asks you a question and it just happens to be something you don't really want to answer so you think just one lie won't hurt anything. Well, what do you think the Lord thinks about this? Will this glorify the Lord? Maybe you think no one is going to know but you. The Lord knows, there is nothing we do that the Lord doesn't know.

We could really be nasty to a person that is trying to talk to us but we are tired or don't feel good so we don't want to be bothered. This conversation could have led to a conversation about the Lord and you possibly could have helped someone by answering their question about the Lord.

Someone needs help and yet we aren't willing to give this to them. Perhaps we are busy or just don't want to give them the time. If we help someone in need we are showing them love, the love of God. We could have some Christian fellowship with this person but you just can't do it.

When we first gave our life to Jesus and asked Him to be Lord of our life we were so on fire and as time has gone by it seems we have just let the fire go out. Why?
If we do anything that would not glorify God or we do not obey His commandments we are bringing dishonor to Him and His name. So if we can't bring glory to His name and work for Him without compromising, I feel we are lukewarm.

II Peter 2:21 "For it had been better for them not to have know the way of righteousness, than after they have known it, to turn from the holy commandment delivered unto them".

Now, you may think none of these things I have mentioned have nothing to do with being lukewarm. I think it does as it is showing we are not on fire for God but are doing our own thing or turning to worldly things.

Thank you for stopping by, I have enjoyed our visit. May you know the peace of the Lord. Blessings!


Jenifer Metzger said...

I don't want to be lukewarm! I want to be on fire for my King! Great post!

Unknown said...

I want to be on fire for God everyday.

Debi said...

I think of a drink of lukewarm 'iced' tea! It's not really very good. In fact, I would rather have iced tea or hot tea...none of this lukewarm stuff for me! When I liken that to my walk with God...I believe He's saying the same thing. "Debi, I don't like mediocrity...get on the ball...get on fire or turn loose." So...I will be on fire for God! No matter what it takes!