Monday, March 7, 2011

Thanks A Lot Jenifer and Debi

This has been one long weekend for me. It seems nothing has gone right. It all started on Saturday and continued into Sunday. I should blame my wonderful granddaughter, Jenifer and my wonderful daughter, Debi but it wasn't their fault. On March 3rd they both posted about being 'Grumpy'. You can go to Jenifer's blog to read what she had to say by clicking on Grumpy.  Then go to Debi's blog by clicking on Piggyback to see what she had to say. When a person looks back on their grumpiness it can seem pretty funny but it sure isn't when you are going through them. I have no specific thing that happened on Saturday, I was just in a really cranky mood. Dave finally asked me what was wrong. I had no answer other than 'I am in a bad mood'. He said 'I can see that'.

Sunday morning in Sunday School class the teacher said something and I must have taken it wrong so I asked him about it. He said that isn't actually what he said but there were three of us that thought what I had. It was about prayer requests, now when a person says it is time for prayer requests I feel it is for any type of prayer request and for anyone that needs it. He said something about the requests being just for unbelievers. So I asked him about it. He said requests are for everything and for everyone. Needles to say, it didn't go well, so there I am sitting in class and crying. I hate crying in front of people but the tears just came and there was nothing I could do.
I don't believe we ever got this settled in class but hopefully we will.

I did get a reprieve after Sunday School and before church. I went to get a drink of water and this boy appeared at a door not far from the water fountain. I thought to myself that sure looks like Little Kenny, my grandson, and then he said "Hi, Mamaw" so I knew it was him. I was not expecting to see him so it caught me by surprise, his family doesn't go to the same church we do. I went over to the door leading to the church and while I was standing there the Sunday School teacher asked if I had talked to Ken, my son. I told him no but I just saw Little Kenny. Well, I couldn't believe it, no one could find him so by now I was thinking I was seeing things. Dave went looking for him, still no Little Kenny. Then I saw him walk through the front doors of the church and I started telling everyone that he was there. Finally everyone saw him. Now I thought, I am sure glad he came back where we were, I wasn't seeing things after all. Ken was there also but we didn't see him until we had sit down.

We call Little Kenny this because he was named after his father and to call them by the same name would be confusing.

Then this afternoon Dave was watching television and of course he wasn't watching anything I like so I just left the room. I went to my quiet place, which is outside and I asked the Lord to help me understand Dave. I really wanted to pray that the Lord would change Dave but I knew better than that. I really need to understand why he wants to watch racing and the shows on how things are made. I guess you have guessed I don't like racing and I really don't care how things are made just as long as they work. While talking to the Lord, He said men aren't interested in the same things as women. I knew that but why does it have to be racing or how to make things? It is because this is what men like just as I like my animals, and Dave has put up with all these animals that I have had in the past years. Yes, he does say things about it at times but I have given him my view on racing and how things are made. Now, Dave used to race and I really liked it, there were a few times I didn't but the biggest part of the time I enjoyed it.
Well you know, when I went out to talk to the Lord things got so much better. Now why didn't I do this Saturday when everything seemed to be going wrong for me? Why didn't I even say a silent prayer to God in the Sunday School Class? It would have saved myself so much anguish but I didn't do it. I wonder if God wondered why I hadn't come to Him when things went wrong. John 16:24; "... ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full". I didn't go to the Lord and ask Him to help me through these things that were happening, I should have asked in Jesus' name to restore my joy and it would have been done, I asked Him today and He did this for me. Praise God.

I believe the reason I didn't go to the Lord in the beginning is that I had no idea it was going to continue to get worse and probably thought it was just to trifle to go to God. How wrong I was, I just allowed things to continue to get worse. The Word of God doesn't tell us to go to Him only when things are big and bad, it tells us to go to the Lord anytime. I hope I listen the next time.

I John 4:8; "He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love". Since God loves us and we love Him it only makes sense that we go to Him for anything. Not just big things that bother us but also the small things. As a child, didn't you go to your Mother or Father with your problems no matter how small or big? What is the difference now? Shouldn't we go to the Lord with all of our problems? We certainly aren't going to be able to take care of them all by ourselves. Just like mine, they started out small but they just kept adding on until I was really 'grumpy' and everything seemed worse than what it really was.

So, the nest time you have a grumpy day just remember to call on the Lord. He is waiting for you.

I know this post has been long but I hope you have enjoyed it.  Thank you for dropping by. I have enjoyed our visit. May you always know the peace and joy of the Lord.


Debi said...

I love this post. I, too, have the issue with Jim that you have with Daddy. Jim is racing from top to bottom. It drives me nuts. I love summer...I want to get out on our bike and ride. Jim, he loves that, too, but on Friday's in the summer...from April to September he races. I hate racing. I am a race widow because at the racetrack, he is too busy to 'be with me.' He talks to everyone and works on the car, etc. I walk around with my thumb in my ear because I have no one to be with. Ok, ok...enough of my pity party. I be pleasant about racing. I need God to help me through. Q: Why don't I ask God. A: Probably because I know I won't like what He says! So, to solve this problem, I guess I need to follow your lead and just go to God and ask Him to change ME! Thank you for this post. I'm sorry you were grumpy, but yes, it was kind of funny! I love you! You are a blessing to me!!!

Jenifer said...

Great post. We should always take things to God first. Sometimes that is hard to remember, but something I need to really work on. Thanks for this reminder.

P.S. So glad Uncle Kenny came to church with you this week! :)