Thursday, December 2, 2010


I waited for the Lord to reveal to me what I should write in my blog, well, I have waited and prayed and no answer or was there an answer and I wasn't listening?

Dave and I had gone to the store and I saw some apples and they looked so pretty and good. Thank goodness we only bought one. We were eating the apple and I told him the apples looked so good but I sure didn't care for the taste. The Lord spoke to me, it isn't what is on the outside that counts, it is what is on the inside. This brought to mind an email I had gotten four or five years ago with a story. The name of it was 'My Friend Ugly.'  The story is said but has a true meaning!

It was about a big old cat that people had named Ugly as he had scars from fights, a twisted leg, and had lost an ear. The parents warned the kids not to bother Ugly, stay away from him they said. Rocks were thrown at him and the parents would spray him with water when he would try to go in the house. Ugly would just stand there getting soaked until they tired of spraying him.

Whenever he spied the children he would run up to them bumping his head against their legs, begging for love. If you dared to pick him up he would begin to suckle on your shirt, earlobe, or whatever he could fine.

One day Ugly tried to share his love with some huskies (dogs) but they didn't respond to his love and Ugly was badly mauled. Someone heard Ugly's screams and rushed to his aid. It was apparent that Ugly's life was almost to an end. This kind person picked him up to see what they could do for him.

Then, a familiar tug was felt and a sucking sensation on the ear, even though he was in severe pain, he was giving some affection and was purring because he felt someone loved him. This person thought Ugly was the most beautiful cat they had ever seen. He died in the arms of this person that was giving him love.

We need to look beyond the outside of a person, this person that is not the most beautiful, popular, successful, or well liked may have more to offer than the person that might have some or all of these qualities and not have the inner beauty. The beauty of a person is what is on the inside and what comes from that person's mouth. The person not having beauty might say things that would sound like beautiful music to our ears. Jesus speaks in Matthew 15:18 about what defiles a man, also in Mark 7. Things said are the things which are in the heart and you react to them accordingly.

So, the next time we see someone that doesn't appear to have any beauty just remember it may be on the inside. Isn't this what counts?


Jenifer said...

Very true! God looks at the heart, and we are supposed to strive to be like Him. Thank you for this.

Debi said...

I like to think that I 'look on the inside' but the truth is, I think there are times when I don't! God help me to look beyond the package and see what is inside! Thank you for the reminder!

Lisa said...

This brought tears to my eyes. But it also brought conviction to my heart. Why do we tend to have more compassion for a broken animal than broken people?

Growing with God said...

This is so good, We should do that with all people, look to their heart instead of their outside appearence.

youth pastor said...

As a youth pastor, I remind the teens in my group of the verse that reads, "Man looks at the outward appearance, God sees the heart." A beautiful heart is much more valuable than a so-called perfect exterior. Thanks for sharing.

Deane said...

Youth Pastor, thanks for dropping by my blog. I dropped by your blog, it is very interesting. Thanks again.