Monday, January 3, 2011

Healings 2

Thank you for stopping by again to finish ready about all of the Healings God has done in our family. I can not say enough how great He is. Yes, these tribulations have brought us much closer to God and I praise Him and give Him all the glory for if it wasn't for Him the healings would not have happened.

The next thing was my grandson, Brian. He was seven days old and was very sick so Debi and Jim took him to the doctor. The doctor diagnosed him with congestive heart failure and wanted them to have an ambulance take him to KU Hospital but Jim said he could get there faster. They brought the kids to our house and asked us to keep them and pray. We did pray and we prayed some more just as Debi and Jim did on their way to the hospital.

When they got Brian to the hospital they asked why they had brought him in. They told them what the doctor said and they said nothing was wrong with his heart. He ended up with pneumonia and some complications but after nine days he was released to go home. Thank you Lord, again.

In 1996 Dave was diagnosed with cancer. Thank the Lord we had our personal relationship with Him. The church we were going to anointed him, laid hands on him, and prayed. He was healed from that cancer. Glory and honor is given to the Lord.

Even though the cancer was healed a different type of cancer has emerged. He has had several surgeries, radiation, and hormone treatment. Right now the cancer is gone but he still has to go in for checkups every three to four months. Praise the Lord. I thank all of the people and churches that have prayed for him. I know God has heard all of our prayers and answered them.

My story doesn't end there. There is my great-granddaughter, Gracie. Gracie was born a healthy 7 pounds and 8 ounces. She continued to grow and became a plump baby being 12 pounds by 4 months. But then her weight gain slowed down, then stopped, she just started losing weight. When she was 9 months old she had lost down to 9 pounds. They spent every day at the hospital for many weeks, they ran every possible test. It was found out that her thyroid had completely quit working. They put her on medication but they thought they had caught the problem too late and she could possibly have brain damage. But the tests came back normal. They thought she would have to take the medication for life with no chance of going off of it. Well, God was in control again. The doctor walked in for one of checkups and said take her off the medicine and bring her back in six weeks. She has never been on the medicine since.
Click on Gracie's Testimony to read all the story.

Only nine months after being off medications and six months after being released from Children's Hospital, Jenifer and Jeremy noticed her finger growing crooked. They thought Gracie might have broken her finger and they hadn't known about it. They headed for the doctor again. It was found out there was a tumor on the finger and they wanted it remove immediately. During her surgery, many more tumors were found. They did more testing she was found to have more than fifty tumors on her body. She has had two surgeries to remove one tumor from her right hand and five from her left hand and one large tumor from her back. After all of this, Gracie doesn't complain. She has never asked why, she just trust god. Jenifer said that one day Gracie told them that in Heaven her body would be perfect. At Gracie's very young age she knows God has a plan for her life. Click on Faith Of A Child to read the whole story.

Isaiah 53:5: "But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was up upon Him; and with his stripes we are healed." This verse tells it all. All of us were healed and I was forgiven for my sins, my sin was not giving the Lord credit for what he did. But I am forgiven. What a great and wonderful God we have. We are so fortunate to know Him and have a wonderful relationship with Him. I can not give Him enough praises and glorify Him enough for what He has done in the lives of all of our family. He just keeps sending us blessings after blessing. Thank you, Lord and I love You so very much.

My Mother brought me up knowing God was very important. She told me about prayer and the importance of praying. We were to love Jesus and we weren't supposed to be afraid of praying to Him. She told me there wasn't anything that we couldn't ask of the Lord but we would not always get what we prayed for. She also told me how much Jesus loved me. As a teenager I went to church, I loved it but I just didn't have the relationship with Him that is so very important.

God has watched over my family for many years and taken care of us. I am so glad He never gave up on us. Thank you Lord.  Through these trials and tribulations I grew closer to God, He always knows best.

That is the end of my story. I hope you have enjoy reading about the many healings He has done in this family. He has never let us down. He continues to help us in our everyday life and He protects us. How great he is, Lord of Lords and King of Kings.


Jenifer said...

Great post. It brought me to tears. God is so good. He loves His children and He is faithful to His children. Thank you for sharing these stories.

Debi said...

God is SO good! I am so thankful for His hand upon my family! And you brought me to tears, as well. Thank you for reminding me of all God has done in our family!

Lisa said...

It's important to look back and remember all the things God has done for us, especially when we are facing a new challenge. God is faithful and He always provides - it just might not be in the way we expect. But we can always trust Him. Amen!