Monday, March 21, 2011

The Wind And God

When it is warm and sometimes when it is cold outside it is always nice to sit outside and enjoy hearing the birds and sometimes seeing the deer, just looking at what God created and gave to us to enjoy. Friday evening I was sitting outside enjoying nature, seeing the birds, and there was even a deer out in the pasture.

While sitting there I was talking to the Lord and there was a breeze that went across my face. If I hadn't felt at peace before that breeze, I sure did then. I remember thinking the breeze was like God. I couldn't see the breeze but I felt it and knew it was there. I don't see God but I can feel His presence and know that He is with me. After awhile I came in the house and wrote down some thoughts about the wind and God.

The Wind And God

Can you see the wind?
Can you see God?
God is like the wind.
You don't see the wind but it is here.
You don't see God but He is here.
You can see the effects of the wind.
You can see the effects of God.
The grass leans over with the wind.
God is the one that made the grass.
The wind is everywhere.
There isn't anyplace the wind isn't.
God is everywhere.
There isn't anyplace God isn't.
Just because you don't see the wind
doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
Just because you don't see God doesn't
mean He doesn't exist.
You don't see the wind but you can feel it.
You don't see God but you can feel Him.
You don't have to see the wind to know
it is near.
You don't have to see God to know
He is near.
When you feel the wind, you can think of God
as showing you the presence of Himself.
When the wind blows across your face,
God is whispering to you that He is near.
Let Him know you feel His presence,
talk to Him.
God wants you to know you don't have to
see Him to know He is near.
You know the wind is real so,
know God is real.
God made the wind so you could feel it.
So, the next time you feel the wind blow across
your face, remember, God is letting you know He is near.
                                                                                                                                  Written by Deane Couch

I hope you enjoyed what I wrote about the wind and God. In no way am I saying the wind is God or God is the wind. It is just that you can't actually see either of them but they are both very real.

Thanks for stopping by. I have enjoyed our visit. May you always know the love, joy, and peace of the Lord.


Debi said...

I LOVE this analogy! I have often used it in Kidz Klub. No, we cannot see the wind...but we DO see it's effects! No, we cannot see God...but we DO see the His creation! Awesome post. Thank you for reminding me that God is ALWAYS near!

Jenifer said...

Beautiful poem! Every time Grace feels wind on her face she says God is talking to her. She is so true!! I love how you said, when we feel the wind, God is reminding us He is near. GReat post!

Lisa said...

The wind is gently blowing in my windows right now - God is here. :)