Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Happy Birthday, Debi

Today is our daughter, Debi Baker's birthday. She has been an awesome gift from our Lord. There is no other daughter like her nor will there ever be.

Dad and I are so proud of you, Debi. The first time we laid eyes on you we knew you were one very special girl. We are so thankful to the Lord for His gift to us and we praise Him daily for you.

Debi always seemed to do things earlier than other kids (now I am not just bragging) (smiling) she really did. She walked at seven months and it didn't take her long to start running. The one thing that amazed me was whenever I called her name she always came to me. The only thing that seemed to take her longer than it did other babies was to cut her teeth, she really battled with that.

To be quite honest with you, to do Debi justice I would need to write a book. I will just mention some things that are cute or thoughtful that she did while growing up. And also a couple of things where the Lord stepped in to help (of course He has always been there).

She was always trying to help with her brother, Kenny when he was a baby. When I first came home from the hospital with Kenny she wanted to take care of him. She kept coming to me and asking for a cookie and I would give her one. Then I decided she was sure wanting an awfully lot of cookies and I followed her to see what she was doing with them. Well, she had taken every one of them in and put them by Kenny's head. I looked at her and she said "Mommy, he is hungry". I explained to her that he couldn't eat them so she cried and took them all back and put them in the dinning room.

One night we were watching television and her Dad wanted a pillow and she volunteered to go get it for him. We lived in a two story house and our bedroom was upstairs so she went all the way up to the bedroom and got it. When we went to bed that night I asked him if he had straightened up the bed after Debi got the pillow for him. He said 'no'. There wasn't a wrinkle one in that bed. She always wanted to help me make the bed and I told her only if she got the wrinkles out on the side she was making. Well, it must have stuck with her because she did a great job getting that pillow.

I do have to say Debi; you weren't always thoughtful of Kenny. When I was in the hospital and Nanny had come out to watch you kids and fix dinner for you kids and Dad she had mopped the kitchen floor and it was still wet, you wanted something from the kitchen and you were trying to get Kenny to go get it. You said to him "they won't spank you but they will me if I go in the kitchen". Well, Dad came in about that time and heard it; you got a spanking because you wanted Kenny to do something you knew he shouldn't have.

Debi, one night we were going someplace in the car and we were talking about hospitals when we were kids and you of all people said; "You mean they had hospitals in your day". We have always had a big laugh over that one.

When Debi was about four years old the doctor told us she had a heart murmur and we should watch her for awhile. He said he was sure she would outgrow it but we needed to be on the safe side. This was a time when our relationship with the Lord was not the best. But He must have known we loved Him very much as He answered our prayers. It wasn't right away but she never really had much problem with this. Thank you, Jesus for taking care of Debi and we praise you daily for this.

It was in the spring and I was having a horrible time with my sinuses and my Mom came out to the house to help me. Mom boiled water and put Vick's in it then put a cape over my head as I leaned over the stove, man, it took my breath away. Debi pulled on Mom's dress and said "Nanny, do you think you should be so mean to Mommy"? Mom told her she was trying to help me feel better but Debi just couldn't see it that way.

In 2008 Debi and Jim were in Arkansas on their motorcycle; there was a big dip in the highway and caused them to have a serious wreck. Debi was hurt the worst, she didn't have her helmet on, they said had she had it on she would either have been killed or paralyzed because it would have broken her neck. Again, the Lord is so great, He watched over both Debi and Jim and they still love to ride. They go riding whenever they can and enjoy it tremendously.

Through the years Debi, you have grown into such an awesome and beautiful person. You are helpful above and beyond the call. If anyone ever needed help all they would have to do would be to call on her. She feels it a privilege to work for the Lord at ALL times, not just some of the times. That would be another topic at another time.

She loves the Lord with all of her heart, you can tell it by looking at her. She always praises the Lord for her husband, children and grandchildren. There is nothing she wouldn't do for the Lord and her family.

She is the most wonderful daughter any parents could ever have. It is a privilege to call her DAUGHTER. She is always there for us. I wonder at times how she is able to do so much in a 24 hour day but she does and I don't hear her saying anything negative about it.
Happy Birthday and we love you so very much, Debi!!

May you always know the love, joy, and peace of the Lord!


Debi said...

Thank you, Mama! I am the one that is so blessed. You and Daddy have always been there for me. You raised me to have morals and feelings about others. You gave me a decent work ethic. Yes, it is I that is so very blessed. I am a better woman because of you and Daddy!!! I love you!

Lisa said...

What a sweet testimony of your relationship with your daughter. I think Debi is pretty wonderful too. :)

Jenifer said...

What a great birthday tribute to a wonderful woman! My mom and best friend! Happy birthday mom!