Friday, December 17, 2010


You are walking down the street with your husband and you see this woman with beautiful long hair and you say to your husband how much you would love to have hair like that. Maybe you go to dinner somewhere and are seated then you see this family with the most well behaved children and you say I sure wish our kids were that well behaved. My downfall used to be when I would see a woman that really looked great in a dress, I would usually say, if I could look just have that good. I believe all of have had some type of envy.

Yes, this is envy on our part. Sometimes we don't think of it as envy but it is the starting of envy, this can be a problem if we don't get it stopped. The woman's hair probably looks the way it does because she works with it daily. The reason the kids are so well behaved is because the parents work on this daily, it isn't just an on and off job of disciplining your children. The reason this woman looks so good in this dress is because she strives to look well dressed.

These are just a few things a woman might envy another one for but there are many more reason why they envy others. By the way, it isn't just woman that envy other women or another family, men also envy things about other men, maybe it is their looks, families, or perhaps their job. Both men and women can be guilty about envy.

James 3:14; 'But if ye have bitter envying and strife in your hearts, glory not, and lie not against the truth.' Envying and strife are opposite of meekness of wisdom. We can not have them both in the same heart, envy and wisdom both come from the heart. A person must decide which they would rather have. Do we want to be envious or would we rather have wisdom?

In James 3:16; For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work.' When there is envy it will cause strife and then it results in confusion and evil works.. When we find ourselves envying someone else no matter how small it may seem to us, we need to start working on this immediately. The first place to start is to go to God. God is always there to help us. There is nothing He won't help us with if we just ask Him.  God loves for us to go to Him in our need.

As Christians we know we need to work on our walk with Jesus every single day. Even when we have problems and we have lots of them, Jesus Christ is the only way. As Christians we can also have lots of fun. We keep our minds on the things of the Lord, by doing this our daily walk with the Lord is refreshing and enjoyable. Praise Him!!

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Jenifer said...

Envy is something that can really tear us down. We should be proud of what God has blessed us with. We should love who we are in Christ. And if we see the well behaved children, we should pray and ask God how we should train our children up to be what He wants. Thank you for this reminder.