Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Love The Lord Thy God

Matthew 22:37; "Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind". Matthew 22:38; "This is the first and great commandment".

Those who believe in Jesus and receive His salvation are asked for their devoted love to God. This type of love requires an attitude where God is so valued and respected that causes us to truly long to have fellowship with Him. Striving to obey Him and bring glory to Him and His name. They will want to advance His kingdom and live for His honor and righteous principles on earth.

The love for God means having a personal attachment of commitment and faithfulness to Him. Our faith should be firm, not wavering, and faithful to our commitment to God, genuine devotion, and loyalty to God's righteous principles in a world that so many are rejecting Him. We need to have a yearning for the presence and fellowship of God at all times.

When we love the Lord with all of our heart this means wholeheartedly not just part of our heart. Our heart cannot be divided in love for Him. We need to know we need Him completely. Our love for God must be a sincere love not one that we say and let it go at that. Our love for Him must be a strong love; we must love Him more than anything else, it should be a supreme love.

All of this may sound like to much but to love the Lord with all your heart, soul, and mind isn't hard at all. If you will think of all God has done for you it will just come as a natural thing. God is the one who will always be with you, help you, take care of you, guide you, and lift you up if you will just let Him.

To love the Lord with all your heart, soul, and mind is the first and great commandment.

May you always know the love, joy, and peace of the Lord!


Debi said...

I think so many people 'think' they love God with their whole heart, but in reality, they love Him with a 'divided' heart. This isn't because they don't desire to love Him with their whole heart, I just don't think that we fully understand the concept. If we truly love God with our whole heart, I don't think it would be so difficult for us to pray and spend time with God. When you TRULY give your heart, soul and mind to something, it is easy to keep with that thing. So, if we TRULY give our heart, soul and mind to is easy to want to spend time with Him. I have learned this from experience. I always thought that I was giving God my everything, but as I have pushed forward these past few months, I realize that I really wasn't. Now, I focus on doing this. I spend time with Him on a daily basis. I read the Word every day. I think God before I think anything else. I pray that I am finally beginning to understand what it means to love God with my whole heart, with my mind and with my soul.

Thanks for this reminder. It's a great post!

Jenifer said...

I desire to love God with my entire heart, mind and soul! Great post!

val said...

The woman of Revelation 12 is now here… God is very precise: A woman delivers the true word John1:1, Rev 12:5, Rev 12:13 who restores Acts 3:21 all things to the world before Christ’s return. This woman exposes the lies of Satan who has deceived the whole world Rev 12:9. This woman creates a new thing in the earth by fulfilling God's promise to Eve Gen 3:15, Jer 31:22, Isa 14:16. She is meek like unto Moses Num 12:3, she was raised up Acts 3:22 from the Laodicean church that becomes lukewarm because they refuse to hear her Rev 3:14-17. She is also bold like Elijah Matt 17:11, her witness alone turns the hearts of the fathers to the children Mal 4:5-6 to prepare a people for the Lords return before the great and dreadful day of the Lord Matt 17:3, Luke 9:30. Moses and Elijah are together with the word Matt 17:3 they all three are in this one woman. Those who will not hear Acts 3:23 the true word of God now delivered to the world free of charge, as a witness, at the heel of time from the wilderness Rev 12:6 will not be allowed inside the walls of God’s coming kingdom from heaven Rev 21. This true word turns the hearts of the fathers to the children of God by giving the truth that not one child of God will be put in a hell fire no matter what their sins. It never entered the heart or mind of God to ever do such a thing Jer 7:31, Jer 19:5. God created evil Isa 45:7 to teach his children the knowledge of good and evil Rom 8:7, Gen 3:22 so that at their resurrection they become a god Matt 22:29-30, Ps 82:6. Prove all things. Be a workman that needeth not to be ashamed. You cannot rightly judge this unless you read all that has been written by this woman first Pro 18:13 Time is short.