Monday, April 25, 2011

What Will Be Your Reward

What type of reward do you want when you reach heaven? I want the best there is, I don't mean to sound greedy but that is what I want.

How am I going to get this reward? I have to work for it and show I am worthy of the best. What I am given here on earth and how I use it and do with it is what is going to help me get the reward I want.

If God gives to me for a possession here on earth and I don't take care of it or if I don't use the gifts He gives me, what good are there?

What about my faith? Do I use my faith to help others and advance God's glory? If I have faith but don't use it or show that I have faith, it will never help me. It will never bring glory to God.

If God gives me a ministry but I do nothing with it, what good is it? It doesn't do me any good nor does it help anyone. If I haven't used my ministry to advance the knowledge of God it doesn't give God any glory. The ones God wants me to help will have been ignored as far as my ministry goes. He would make sure the person heard from someone else because God wants everyone to know about the Gospel but I didn't do anything to advance my ministry or God's glory.

Matthew 25:29; "For unto every one that hath shall be given, and he shall have abundance: but from him that hat not shall be taken away even that which he hath". It is telling us if we are blessed with worldly wealth and possessions and have used them to advance the glory of God and to help those around us we are given more in heaven. Those that have and act as if they have none it shall be taken away. We can also apply it to the means of grace. Those who work hard at wanting to improve the opportunities God has given them, God will enlarge them.

Gifts of the Spirit can also be used as an example. The ones having these and does well with them shall have abundance. By using these gifts we can do more than if we didn't. If we have these gifts but never use them, what good are they?

If I have love but never give nor show it to anyone how is this going to help me or anyone else? The love of God has not been shown to anyone and God's love and glory is not revealed. God has so much love and we know this and we should share our love.

If what I know about God and His Word is never shared with anyone what good is it to me? I am not doing what the Word of God asks me to do. It is not showing God's glory.

Whatever God gives to us to use we need to use it. We need to advance and show God's glory ever chance we have. We need to use everything God has given to us every single day. We need to make sure everyone knows about God and what He has done for us.

Being great in faith, godly character, wisdom, self-control, patience, and love is something we all need to learn. In God's view greatness in His kingdom are those with the greatest love, loyalty, and commitment to Him and to His Word.

Whatever we possess here on earth we will have in abundance in heaven.

May you always know the Lord's love, joy, and peace!


Jenifer said...

I want to make it to heaven and be rewarded. But that means living a godly life here on earth. I must sow seeds of honesty, humility, kindness, obedience, gratitude and love. Thank you for this great reminder!!

Debi said...

Totally agree! All of the things you alluded to...if I have love, but I don't give love...then do I really have love? If I have faith but don't share that faith, do I really have faith. And so on. How can we really say we have something if we don't share it? Thank you for this reminder today that we must give away what we have in order to keep it!