Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hope You Enjoy This

This has been a stressful day but I know the Lord is by my side helping me.

Barb came through the emergency surgery but is still in critical condition and on a ventilator.  I know the Lord is right by her side and I ask Him to have His will.

I received this sometime back and I thought it was really cute. Since the name of God's blog is 'Who Is God' I thought it would be appropriate with some humor that is true. God is everything that is good and wonderful.

Wouldn't the following be great if every school were to teach about God?

A fifth grade teacher in a Christian school asked her class to look at TV commercials and see if they could use them in 20 ways to communicate ideas about God.

Here are some of the results:

He works miracles.

God is like A FORD
He's got a better idea.

God is like COKE
He's the real thing.

He cares enough to send His very best.

God is like TIDE
He gets the stains out others leave behind.

He brings good things to life.

God is like WAL-MART
He has everything.

God is like ALKA-SELTZER
Try Him, you'll like Him.

God is like SCOTCH TAPE
You can't see Him, but you know He's there.

God is like DELTA
He's ready when you are.

God is like ALLSTATE
You are in good hands with Him.

God is like VO-5 HAIR SPRAY
He holds through all kinds of weather.

God is like DIAL SOAP
Aren't you glad you have Him? Don't you wish everybody did?

God is like The U.S. POST OFFICE
Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet nor ice will keep Him from
His appointed destination.

God is like CHEVROLET
The heart beat of America.

Good to the very last drop.

God is like BOUNTY
He is the quicker picker upper; He can handle the tough jobs
And He won't fall apart on you.

I hope you got a chuckle out of these. You can say God is like every one of these. My God is the greatest, biggest, most loving, caring, helpful, and compassionate, forgiving, and the list could go on and on. There isn't anything God isn't except for evil as God is the Light. I am so glad I have Him and I hope you do too.

May you always know the love, joy, and peace of the Lord! Have you ever stopped to think where each of these comes from? The Lord gives these to us.


Kandi said...

I have seen this list before but it still makes me laugh to read it. You and your and family will continue to be in my prayers.

Blessings to you Deane.

Phather Phil Malmstrom said...

These were wonderful Deane... Thank you for the smile!

You and your family remain in my prayers.

Have a Blessed Day!