Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Praising God

We should praise and thank the Lord continually. We should not let one day pass without praising and thanking Him.

The Lord is worthy of our praises and we should always, always give Him praise. When times are bad we should praise Him just as we do when everything is going well with us. Sending praises to God makes our circumstances so much easier to handle and we will feel His presence at our side and God loves to hear our praises.

When Jenifer, my granddaughter was very young, maybe about two years old, my daughter, Debi and I were in the store and all of a sudden Jenifer raised her hands and said "praise Jesus." When she did this none of us was speaking about the Lord but she must have been thinking about Him and it was important enough for her to send her praises up to Him. It didn't make any difference where we were or who was around, the need for her to give Him praise was very important to her. She had such purity and innocence to her and she still does to this day. As adults we should have the same purity and innocence she had and still has.

Not everyone praises the Lord in the same way. I have thought for a long time, when people go to a sport event they get really excited. They raise their hands in excitement and will call out for their team to win. Well, what could be more exciting than the Lord? He gives us love, compassion, forgiveness, wisdom, knowledge, nature, different seasons, and so many material things, isn't this much more than what a sports team can give us? Can this team give you what the Lord gives you?

We, as Christians are set apart from the world and belong completely to God. If for no other reason we should send all our praises to God and give Him glory and thanks for what He has done for us. Hebrews 13:15 says; "By him therefore let us offer up the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to His name." If the Word of God tells us to praise Him continually, isn't this what we should do?

In what way do you praise the Lord?

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Jenifer said...

We should praise God despite our circumstance. We should praise when things are good and when things are going bad. Praise should always be on our lips. Thank you for this post.