Friday, November 26, 2010

Studying The Word Of God

What is more exciting than reading and digging into the Word of God? When I really want to read and study the Word I get really excited. Now, there is a difference in just reading God's Word and really studying and getting into it.

I believe reading the Word is better than not but I do believe when really studying the Word it is so exciting. No matter how many times you read the Bible there is always something new to learn about. Perhaps you read and read and it really doesn't seem to help you understand a certain verse but then there is, THAT day you read it and WOW you know exactly what it means. Perhaps God was allowing you to dig deeper into His Word so that you would learn what you didn't know and then it was time for you to understand that verse that you just couldn't understand. That is God. He works so wonderfully for each of us. There is no two people that He teaches exactly the same way.

II Timothy 2:15 is a verse each of us can learn from. "Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of truth." If we study the Word of God we will be prepared for what might arise. If we don't know what the Word talks about we will not be able to tell people about the Lord.

The Lord has given us so many things to know, how do we learn these things? We read and study the Word of God. I have heard many people say the Word is to hard to read. I don't believe that. If we pray for understanding the Holy Spirit will reveal the true meaning of the Word. We are given a strong assurance of the divine origin of the Scripture.

The Word of God tells us how to live every day of our life. Isn't it exciting when we know how to live. It tells us to love one another, to forgive. everything has a season, and the exciting part is, it tells us God the Father loves us very much. He wants us to know everything about Him and we will someday have a permanent home to live with Him.

When we read and study Scripture we are showing faithfulness to the Lord. Aren't we supposed to please God? If we don't read Scripture we have no idea how to please Him. By knowing the Word we will not be compromising the truth of the gospel. We need to obey God and remain loyal to all truth.

One of the things Scripture warns us about is false teachers. How else are we really going to know about these false teachers if we haven't read and studied God's Word? We need to know so much about Scripture and I believe no matter how long/often we have read and studied the Word we will never know everything about them. That doesn't mean we should just give up and not want to learn. On the contrary, it should make us want to read and study every day. Get excited for the Word.

How do you read the Word, do you just read or do you read and study and expect the excitement of learning more about the Word and God?


Lisa said...

God's Word is exciting to me too. When I ask Him to reveal new things to me, He always does. I don't want to just read it and mark it as done. I desire to really study and learn from God's Word.

Jenifer said...

I recently heard the lead singer of a Christian band I really like say this, "I was reading the Word to get done, not to change." I think alot of us do that. We read just to mark it off the list but we don't read it to change our lives. In the beginning that is what I was doing. I read to get through my one year commitment. But when I really opened up to it, I fell in love with God and His Word. Now reading is exciting and refreshing.

Thank you for this post