Friday, December 31, 2010

Healings - 1

God is so good!! He loves everyone, he doesn't like the sin any of us have or have had in our lives but he DOES love us. He goes to extremes to bring people to Him but some just doesn't want anything to do with Him. What a shame! My heart goes out to these people and I pray for them almost daily. I am praying that some will decide to turn to Jesus.

God has showered my family with so many blessings and they just keep coming. I am so glad my family has Him in their lives.

Many years ago Dave (my husband) fell off of a three story house. He landed on a freshly dumped pile of rocks. He was taken to the hospital where his boss called me so I rushed to the hospital in Kansas City. He was actually doing pretty well so I was relieved. I finally went home, got the kids ready for bed, and put the them to bed.

The next day I went to the hospital and was informed he wasn't doing to well, he had almost died during the night. I was so shocked and just started shaking. They told me he was out of danger so I calmed down. At this time they told me the pile of rocks was what saved his life. God was already in control but at that time my relationship with God was almost nonexistent. I still prayed and thanked God for keeping Dave safe. He was released from the hospital nine days later. He had a long recovery and had to have surgery but he came through with just some permanent damage.

Even though my relationship was nonexistent I did believe in Him and knew life was not the same without Him. I still continued to pray and thank Him for all that He had done for us, He had already done so much and had given us so many blessings.

Shortly after Dave's surgery, he was home and working. Well, I was driving the car on I-35 and passing another car when he decided to pass the car in front of him, I was at his side. To avoid an accident I pulled off on the shoulder and then lost control of the car. I went into the median and across the north bound traffic and down in a big ditch. I was knocked unconscious and when I came to their was a gentleman at the side of the car trying to help me. The ambulance came and took me to the hospital. They called Dave, he came up to the hospital and told me when I was in the other lane of traffic a semi truck was just feet from me. Well, guess who I gave the credit to for not hitting the car, you guessed it, the truck driver. Although I have given God credit for these for many years now.

I know God must have wondered why I gave the credit to someone else. How could I have done that? Remember I didn't have a personal relationship with God. I prayed to Him and thanked Him that the truck driver didn't hit my car. Well, at that time I never really thought about God guiding this man as he was driving the truck.

After several surgeries and a body cast I came out of all of this just fine. Praises and thanks to the Lord. He is so good.

Psalm 52:1; "Who boastest thou thyself in mischief, O mighty man? the goodness of God endureth continually." Even though I thanked God I never really gave Him the credit in both of these accidents. I don't know how to explain other than I knew He was always with us and He took care of us but never giving Him the glory of what He did. Even after that God continued to bless us.

By this time I was beginning to put things together and knew if it weren't for God none of these would have had a good ending. Psalm 51:17; "The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit: a broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise." I was a broken person and I was remorseful because of the way I had acted toward God and treated Him. Thanks to Debi, as she was the one that brought me back to the Lord. I have never forgotten nor will I ever forget what she did for me. Thank you, Debi from my heart. God forgave me and accepted me back into His family. I just praise and give Him all the glory for this.

When my second granddaughter, Kendil was born she was not breathing and was very black. They immediately took her to the side of the room and started working on her. The cord had wrapped around her neck and literally chocked her to death. It happened again, God was right there and in control of everything. He has never stopped with the blessings. Kendil didn't have any affects from this at all. She is married with two wonderful children and is a nurse at the hospital in Leavenworth.

The next thing that happened was with our son, Kenneth. He was married and was sick, his wife took him to the doctor. He had a bleeding ulcer, really bad. The doctor called an ambulance to take him to the hospital. When they were taking him to the hospital, Dana (his wife) asked if they could take him to Kansas City, Kansas and they wouldn't because the other hospital was closer and they weren't sure he was going to make it. Well again, God was there and taking care of everything. He had surgery and came home in a week.

Thank you for stopping by to read my story but it doesn't end here, there is more and I will finish it with my blog on Monday, January 3, 2011. I hope you have enjoyed my testimonies of the Lord's healings in my family and will return to learn of the rest of it.

Happy New Year and I pray all of you will be showered with God's blessings. God loves all of us.


Debi said...

Wow! Most of this I knew but I never knew the part about Daddy almost dying! God is so good...He has definitely been faithful to our family! I praise Him for His healing hands upon us! Love you!

Jenifer Metzger said...

I know of these things but did not know details. Wow. Praise God! He is the Healer, the Great Physician. Praise God!!! Thank you for sharing these stories of God's miraculous hand.

Deane said...

Debi, you were very young at the time and since he was doing okay why upset you. You were a sensitive child. Yes, God has really been faithful to our family. I praise Him every single day.

Unknown said...

God is so good and He is always watching over us. I'm sure it does sadden Him when we don't stop to say thank you or acknowledge that He was the One who provided.